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Le Gigolo

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Ciao Bella

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Zanzibar Love

A healthy kind of sepsis

When young Fealiks, at the the reckless age of three, harpooned his leg with his father's favorite fountain pen, he had little idea that the small drip of ink, that went creeping up his bloodvessels would find its way to the ventricles of his childish heart.

Over 30 years later, his cardiovascular system still gets agitated when it feels the presence of a pen nearby. Although this rare condition tends to get him itchy every now and then, he has learned to use it for the benefit of companies and agencies in Europe, Australia, and North America and to get his own ideas onto paper, or transformed into a digital appearance.

Fealiks loves the ocean and its creatures.


Felix Müller-Stolz
c/o SO82 Studios
Sonnenberger Str. 82
65193 Wiesbaden
Tel. +49 611 945 78 77